AutoIntercom — Automate your intercom and let guests buzz themselves in

I built this product to solve a personal problem. I live in a condo building, and I’ve always wanted to automate entry into my unit for cleaning crew, pet sitters, family, etc. I could certainly do all of that with a smart lock on my door – however, my guests still would have to get through the building door before my smart lock provided any value.

This is my solution to that problem, so that both my building/common door as well as my unit door can be automated with access codes/virtual keys and my guests can get into my unit entirely on their own – without sharing physical keys/fobs (which is always a security risk and a big pain when they are lost, not to mention some keys aren’t allowed to be copied).

I built this over the last two weeks and would love to hear your feedback. Thanks!

– Steven Ou




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