Time Up Notion Template — Keep track of your products & ensure they never expire again

???? Hey Product Hunt Family!

I hope you all are being kind to yourself and others. I am happy to present my second product as a maker, The Time Up Notion Template. This simple and practical tool helps you never use an expired product ever again.

???? Why I created this template?

Humans tend to buy stuff in excess quantities. A friend had three perfume bottles, and one of them had expired for over a month. He was using it unknowingly and later developed a skin infection. Similarly, we have and buy 100s of products and often forget to keep track of their expiry date.

The Time Up Notion template solves this problem and yields certain additional functionalities like a subscription tracker, birthday tracker, assignment tracker, and you can track almost anything that comes with a date.

???? Early Bird Offers for first 20 buyers:
➡ First 3 copies = $0 = Free!
➡ Next 7 copies = $2
➡ Next 10 copies = $4
✅ Final Price = $6

⚡ Get the template now to take benefit of the early bird offers!

???? Indian buyers kindly get the template from the Buy me a coffee link to pay via UPI or other accepted modes: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/Pranav24898/e/35894

I hope you find this template valuable!


– Pranav Nawandar




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