Dimely — Monetise your data fairly & earn passive income

Hello ProductHunt community! My name is Georgiana, I’m in the Dimely growth team and we’re super excited to announce our beta launch to this amazing community. As you might have noticed, Dimely is launching two products today on PH, our Data app for end users and this one, our Web App for Advertisers!
I’m sure you’re curious about this app, so I’d like to tell you briefly.
Dimely’s mobile app allows users like you to provide access to different data feeds or datasets about themselves, react to content that companies post on Dimely through this platform, and receive 90% of the revenue Dimely earns in the form of Data Royalties. It’s all very fair and transparent because people have complete control over the data they provide.
Go download the app and earn extra passive income!

– Georgiana Drumen




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