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Hi guys, Thank you for checking out my brand new product.
We have witnessed a huge interest in cryptocurrencies in the past couple of months. Coinbase has gone public. Dogecoin, a meme, is now on Welathsimple trade and Coinbase. How funny!!
However, the volatility of cryptocurrencies frustrates newcomers.
One slogan to remember while cryptocurrency is ” Invest only the money you can afford to lose”.
I want to change this.
Dojla is a platform to learn trading cryptocurrencies. Buy, sell and Convert top cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin, BTC, ETH, LTC, and more. Remember. These are not real cryptocurrencies. They are just numbers. You get to trade them, without spending a dime, at real-time prices.

You might ask. How do I buy without initial money?

Well, All new users get 100k Dogecoins. Yes. 100K

Question: But why Dogecoin. Why not BTC or ETH

Answer: People like memes more than money. RIght?





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