Investor Database for Startup Founders — Database to connect with investors directly via Email!

Hey ???? I’m Mehul Rastogi, the creator of this investor database!

This investor database consists of the data of 50 VCs and Angel investors along with their email addresses, firm details, LinkedIn/Twitter, and physical locations. If you’re a founder looking to raise, you can get this database for a one-time fee, and start reaching out to these investors. It’s extremely easy to navigate and reduces hassle for founders. Just work on the product ????

Raising capital for first-time student founders isn’t easy. A lot of time is spent on research and gathering information. Other alternatives do not provide crucial contact information like Email Addresses. If they do, they encompass really expensive subscription models.

All you need for raising your next round is this database! Not just for your
current startup, but for life ???? Directly start from email IDs, the most crucial contact information. Ahead of the game ????????

The best part is that the database is growing ❤️ You can also preorder the 200 investors and VCs database at a discounted price!

The database is available at a discounted price for this Product Hunt launch! Get yours ASAP ????

Your feedback is welcome!

– Mehul Rastogi




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