Balancesoft — Next generation payments and accounting for the internet

Hi, Balancesoft is a Web3 app that allows you to create payment requests and then share the payment link with your user. Similarly, your user can load the payment link, connect the wallet and 1-click pay your request. Live payment status of your links can be monitored on your dashboard and email notifications will be sent to you on success.

Currently, this is built on the Solana blockchain. Reason being: transactions there are cheap and fast, and has the strong FTX fiat-coin ramp support. We may consider adding other networks in the future.

User can enjoy the practical benefits of paying on the blockchain (stable coins and non-stable coins) – cheap and fast. Also, users can conveniently share and track payment requests with counterparts.

Try it out at: Twitter: @Getbalancesoft

– Lee Wen Jie




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