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???? Hi there, Hunters!

???????? I’m Guilherme from Brazil and I love beaches.

???? Every beach is unique. Sometimes they have luxury resorts, promenade and lifeguards. Sometimes they are great for kitesurfing, or only accessible by boat, and some of them requires you a 5-hour hike and there’s no phone signal, chairs, or food!

???? To make it easier to plan your next beach adventure, I created ???? Beach Nearby, a crowdsourced website to help people discover beaches around the world that match what they’re looking for.

???? There are currently 19,444 beaches from 8,969 cities in the website.

???? The data is crowdsourced, everyone can add and rate beaches!

???? Each beach on the website currently has 122 possible data points that users can vote on, such as: if the beach has ???? umbrella for rent, ???? sharks, ????‍♀️ surf school, ???? food options, or if it’s ???? clean, ✨ beautiful, ???? touristy, and the list goes on. Very detailed information.

✅ Every data point is an open poll to which anyone can vote “???? Yes”, “???? No”, “???? Great”, “???? Bad”, etc. The most voted option gets shown on the page. To date, there are over 116,000 votes across the website.

???? The best part of this is that you can use filters on these data points to find the perfect beach for you. Either on the homepage or on the ???? map, where you can see all the beaches that match your filters and their respective locations.

???? You can collaborate by adding or rating beaches you’ve been to.

???? The website is in its very beginning so every help is highly appreciated – more data, the better!

⚡ Adding a beach is easy. Click on “Add beach” on the navigation bar (click on the logo first if you’re on mobile) and type the name and city of the missing beach.

☀️ There’s also weather data (these ones are from APIs) like monthly averages so you can filter beaches to go by specific months or all year round.

???? Getting pictures for every beach in the world is hard, especially because of copyrights. So anyone can upload pictures. And I also built an easy way for users to choose which pictures are the right ones for a beach from suggested images from Wikimedia and Flickr. There are currently 2,316 beaches with pictures:

???? Every picture suggested from Wikimedia and Flickr, or uploaded by the users, pass through an AI I built that identifies if it’s a picture of a beach or no:

⚙️ Content on the beach’s pages are also automatically generated based in the data.

???? The website is currently available in 10 different languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.
They were mostly made by Google Translate and my wife and friends helped me fixing some typos on their languages. If you see any typos or grammar errors, please let me know by clicking on the right bottom side “Feedback” button on the website, or If you want to help translate it to your language, also let me know 🙂

???? The business model is native ads that are related to beach things. If you’d like to promote your business to ???? beach-goers worldwide, here’s our available spots:


???? P.S: They don’t get block by Adblock. Spots starting at $5/mo.

???? I’m excited to share it with you and genuinely interested in hearing what you think about it.

???? Thanks to everyone that already added data to it and supported my work!
If you have any ideas or suggestions, I’m all ears.

???? Want to know about my next projects or future Beach Nearby updates? Follow me on Twitter:

????‍???? If you’re a web developer, my other projects might also be helpful to you: CSS Scan, CSS Scan Pro, and toast.log.

– Guilherme Rizzo




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