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Hello everyone,

I am Jasveer. I recently created DotReview after crafting my experience of almost a decade in the startup industry.
Here is what lies in store for you :

1. Verified reviews: Your chase of finding the right investors ends here as you will find genuine reviews by experienced entrepreneurs who have already worked with your dream investors.

2. Lounge: The best way to improve your ideas is to talk about them with different people. Lounge in DotReview provides you exactly that with the additional benefit of optional identity reveal.

3. Two-step Easy Verification: Why take it tough when you can keep it easy? DotReview is a user-friendly product kept in mind keeping the ease of use for its users. All you have to do is log in.

I created DotReview to provide and share my knowledge collected over years with all my friends who wish to make a mark in the Start-Up industry.

Try it out to make your journey smoother and easier as a budding entrepreneur.

– Jasveer singh




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