Massless Media API — RESTful API for images, documents, & videos

Massless has developed applications across AR/VR, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, and Web. We know how hard graphics is and the pain of supporting media across multiple platforms. Things that should be simple are often plagued with library, speed, or compatibility issues.

We want to make this easier for developers working with images, documents, and videos so teams can launch fast and learn.

The Massless Media API collects advanced machine learning and basic operations into one place with a simple REST API. This means you don’t have to manage multiple subscriptions and services. Whether you’re working in Javascript, Python, or C/C++/C# calling a REST API is a standard and simple interface for rapid application development. We use this API to develop our own products, like the Massless Media Bot, and we’re releasing it for the first time to external developers.

For the future of AR/VR headsets, wearables, and mobile devices I believe more and more processing will be performed off device and streamed back over high speed connectivity. This will reduce power consumption and enable smaller form factors. The Massless Media API is a step towards making this a reality.

We’re looking for makers to join us on this journey and shape the future of this API.

If you’re a developer, please ask any questions, get an API key, and try it out! If you’re a founder or product manager then please share this with your developers and see if it can supercharge your application.

As a special limited launch offer, all API calls are currently free!

– Jack Cohen




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