ReplyAll Health — We reduce the stress on patients and their care partners.

“We all start out and end life as a patient. It is what we do in the middle that makes the difference.” – Richard Bagdonas

The team behind ReplyAll Health is dedicated to making a difference for others going through their own health journey. We created the technology for ReplyAll Health out of our own needs.

It all started in 2018 when our CEO Richard Bagdonas was diagnosed with Stage 4 Mantle Cell Lymphoma – cancer of the lymphatic system. He was facing the threat of a three-to-five year life expectancy and he needed help immediately. Richard reached out to his network of fellow healthcare professionals and asked to locate the best doctors on the planet to help him eliminate the cancer which had invaded his body. The more people he and his wife talked to, the more people would text, call, and email them each day.

Friends and family were asking Richard and his wife Tina how he was doing, what was next in his treatment, and how they could help.

“It was great to have people reaching out to us, but eventually it was too much for us to handle” – Tina

Richard tried using a Medium article to keep everyone updated but friends and family visited once and then kept texting, emailing, and calling rather than going back to the website.

This is where the invention process occurred. Richard envisioned a way to keep friends and family updated without having to copy + paste the same message into countless emails and text messages each day. Everyone in his support group wanted to help, but didn’t know they were creating more stress. They expected a text message or email from us, he explained. Richard used his technology background in healthcare to create a way for patients to communicate with their support group.

Then in the summer of 2020, Richard was diagnosed with COVID-19. The same friends and family were asking Richard and Tina about his current status. This is where ReplyAll Health was born.

“We asked people to send the word ‘Hi’ to my ReplyAll text number and whenever I sent one to the ReplyAll text number, they would get the update. Over 150 people signed up and received our updates. It worked great for our family and saved us a lot of stress!” – Richard

From there several friends asked if they could use the technology. Richard and Tina rolled it out to friends and family going through their own health journeys and a few months later, the couple launched ReplyAll Health.

– Richard Bagdonas




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