Uplifters — Nice things happen too, add good news to news homepages

Hi Hunters!
My name’s Marko. I made Uplifters after pondering for a while how come major news websites only show us mostly pretty bad stuff. Are we all so bad? Is everything only going down?

I took me few days to dig into this and I found out that there’s actually a lot of great things happening too, but it takes a bit of work to discover those. I think that seeing also such better headlines could give us much more balanced picture of humanity and situation out there.

So: I select the articles and videos myself and I prefer the slower news cycle. Therefore I will post only one new article per day or two. And yeah, Uplifters’ news don’t come from the world of politics, wars, crime or catastrophies.

I hope you will find it useful and that you’ll enjoy the content. I am very curious what you’ll all think!

More info can be found at https://uplifters.github.io

– okram ovic




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