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Hello Product hunt!

Tobias here, co-founder of Belivra. Me and my colleague Rasmus have spent the last 7 months developing the first version of Belivra.

Our focus is to remove all unnecessary hurdles running an e-commerce business. We provide all the features needed to start selling online and you don’t need any prior design or technical knowledge.

We will manage the overall design and features, with some basic customization options. If you need full control over design and functionality, Belivra is not for you.

We have a lot of stuff in our Roadmap, this is only the beginning. Some main features we plan on adding in the near future:
* Custom domains
* Product categorization
* Discount codes
* Local pickup shipping option
* QR code export
* Product image gallery
* Collaborator invitations
* Packing slips

If you find Belivra interesting, please create a playground store and tell us what you think!

– Tobias Almstrand




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