Magic Links by SparkLoop — Add a one-click signup button inside any newsletter

Hey Product Hunters!

Louis from SparkLoop here. I’m super excited to share our latest free newsletter growth tool with you today!

In our “normal” jobs at SparkLoop HQ, we spend all day helping the biggest newsletters in the world grow faster with a referral program. Like James Clear, Tim Ferriss, Front Office Sports and thousands more.

So we have a first-hand view of exactly what the best newsletter publishers and brands are doing to boost their growth.

And it turns out — as we predicted in our “21 ways to grow your newsletter faster in 2021” article — one of the best performing email growth channels right now is to promote your list in other newsletters.

Often that’s by doing cross-promotion. Sometimes it’s by sponsoring other newsletters directly (ie buying advertising slots in them).

Either way, it’s super effective and EVERY newsletter publisher (and really every brand) should be trying it out in the near future if you want to grow faster.

That said, we noticed one big inefficiency with newsletter cross-promotions/sponsorships…

If you’re sponsoring Newsletter A, their readers have to click on a link in the newsletter, visit your landing page, try not to get distracted, and then type in their email address correctly.

Probably from their phone, while they’re watching TV and doing ten other things.

You can see what I’m getting at…

It’s a lot of friction for them to opt-in to your email-list. So each newsletter sponsorship you run, you’re losing out on 20-50% of potential sign-ups. That’s probably (tens of) thousands of dollars in missing value.

And that’s why we built Magic Links.

Instead of sending Newsletter A’s readers on a journey to your landing page to sign-up, they can just use a Magic Link to opt-in to your email-list directly from their inbox. With one click!

In early testing, we’ve seen conversion rates boosted by 20-50%. A total game-changer for any brand, publisher or creator who promotes their stuff inside other newsletters.

@mnlfrgr and @dragocrnjac did an amazing job building this out in under a week. Taking care of any security and anti-fraud implications. And making sure it’s easy to add a Magic Link with any email platform in just a few clicks. No code or Zapier hacks needed.

Interested? –> Our resident newsletter trend expert @kierantie wrote an awesome blog post explaining more about how it works.

Give it a try — for free — and let me know what you think!

– Louis Nicholls




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