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I built this web-based writing app for 2 reasons: 1) I was writing a lot of “drafts” on Medium and found its support for organizing private (unpublished) documents lacking. 2) I read the Why Contenteditable is Terrible post and comments and I wanted to see if I could do it.

In its current state, filbert is a single-player editor based off of Medium. A couple improvements include: open/close/select menus with the keyboard and you can rotate and resize images.

Now that the editor experience has stabilized my next steps are to embark on what I originally set out to do – additional features around: organization of documents, search, sharing, review/approval/handoff & publishing. Thoughts and ideas welcome here.

Why the name filbert? I asked my 5 year old – “What should I call the writing app I’m working on?” He replied instantly, “Filbert”. I said, why? He said “because it feels right.” I couldn’t disagree with him.

I’ve been working on this part time for 2 years and I’m really excited to launch it today.

I’m also looking for recommendations for a Designer, Product & Marketing people. If that’s you or anyone you know – please let me know!

– Jason Dubaniewicz




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