Roast Your Pitch Deck — Get more investor meetings from your pitch deck

Hey everyone! ????

I’m Hadi Radwan, solo-maker of Roast Your Pitch Deck.

Roast Your Pitch Deck helps entrepreneurs and founders land more meetings with VCs and investors as a result of better-crafted pitches. My role is to Roast your Pitch Deck and give you real feedback ???? and critics ???? on how you can improve every slide so it adheres to best practices in pitch deck presentation.

As Tony Robbins says, “Repetition is the mother of Skill”, and yes I have been roasted more than 150 times by VCs as I tried to raised funding for more than 3 startups so far. I will channel all of my expertise into these roasts so I can help other entrepreneurs land more meetings and not make the mistakes and

With Roast Your Pitch Deck you can:
— Get critics/feedback on every slide in your pitch deck.
— Advice on how to arrange the deck and which slides must be there
— Receive professional review on your idea from a VC point of view
— Role-play a VC session and get asked the hardest questions that a VC might ask
— Get a Raise Readiness Score and how to improve that score to increase your chances of landing a meeting with an investor

???? How it started.. the problem:
This is my first product submitted to Product Hunt. I created this business in 5 days as a side hustle working on it nights and weekends when I realized that a lot of entrepreneurs were following me on LinkedIn and seeking feedback on their pitch decks, or asking to invest as an Angel. I noticed that most of the decks were badly written and have no chance of landing a meeting with an investor.

Within 10 years, I have launched more than 8 self-funded side hustles and 2 investor-funded companies. I noticed the same pattern, the hardest part is to get in front of a VC or investor to sell your vision. On average, investors receive more than 1,000 pitches and spend less than four minutes reading the pitch. The window to get a meeting with them is very slim and your best chance is your pitch.

There are 100,000s of entrepreneurs looking to push their pitches to investors and they need help.

???? And that´s why I decided to launch Roast Your Pitch Deck!

Hope I can add value to all the entrepreneurs out there that need help!

Thanks for your time!

Hadi Radwan

– Hadi Radwan




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