MyDone — Managing multiple streams of your business in one app

Hey Product Hunt community! ????

We’re super excited to share an alpha release of an app that is designed to help you easily manage your multiple business streams ????

????‍♀️ If you’re running a business, there 100 of things going on at the same time: marketing, sales, product development, HR, recruitment, finance…

???? Whether you’re working solo or with a team, you can expect MyDone to help:

– Setup all different streams/departments and their hierarchy
– Overview the big picture of your business using our structure view
– React timely if there’re risks to delays
– Create a flow for your tasks in the department
– Create, assign and manage tasks due dates
– View the scope of work in a list or board views

???? If you imagine your business as a city, it would consist of neighbourhoods that function as a single system. Want to have a better functioning business? MyDone’s got you covered!

✅ Our alpha version is free to try.

???? We will not be able to see how you set up your organization – everything is stored in your local browser.

???? There’s our secret roadmap published in the demo

???? We are giving away 3 Amazon gift cards for those willing to share their results with us or with fellow entrepreneurs struggling to tame chaos coming from unorganised multiple activities. You can do this:

– by sending us a direct message:
– tag us on Twitter:
– tag us on Facebook:
– tag us on LinkedIn:

✍???? Check out MyDone today, it’s free:

Forever your friends,

MyDone team.

– Volodymyr Demkiv




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