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???? Hey. thanks for checking out Listiee!

A quick story: Accumulating lists, bookmarks etc is an integral part of everyone’s internet experience. But what do you with them? After all these are rewards of every individuals time, energy, intelligence & connections put together.

There are not “many” simple ways to share these curations out there. So we have created Listiee.

Listiee is a generic list publishing, discover, ask, collaboration platform for all such lists, bookmarks and digital curations. Probably first of it’s own kind that has that much diverse set of things around lists. We would love to have you on the platform and sharing your experience with us.

Come and join us for our beta launch 2.0.
Launch Date: 10th July, 6PM IST, 12:30PM UTC, 8:30 ET.
Twitter / Instagram / Facebook : @listiee01
Clubhouse Group:
Discord: [](

Looking forward to connect!

– Vishal Bhojwani




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