Parrity 2.0 — Hundreds of free business books in your browser

Hi there!

This is Lubo and Vitally, the founders of Parrity

We’re happy to announce that the second version of our peer-to-peer learning platform – Parrity is now live.

In addition to bringing you amazing learning content from the most successful entrepreneurs & brands on the planet, we’re now bringing you a growing collection of free text & business books readable directly in your browser and on any device without any additional apps, readers, or downloads.

Test the new version here –

In the updated Library, you’ll find free textbooks from top academic institutions like the Oregon State University, The University of Oklahoma, The University of Washington, and many other amazing business writers.

( all hosted under the Creatives Commons license )

Our plans for 2021 are to expand the library with more learning content and books from great writers.

It’s also worth mentioning that we’ve opened our author program.

In case you have knowledge that you’d like to share with the world, or you’d like to add your book to our library, you can do so without any extra steps. Just sign-up and start publishing.

Thanks for reading, I hope you fund what we built useful! As always we are looking forward to your feedback!

If you like what we’re doing, please consider becoming a Patreon of ours.

Patreon –

Your contribution will help pay for our server and development costs, while your feedback will help us build a better and more accessible learning environment for everyone!

Lubo and Vitally, the founders

– Lubomir Fotev




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