WindowSwap 2.0 — Open a new window somewhere in the world.

???? Hey ProductHunt, Sonali and Vaishnav here, co-founders of ProductHunt.
Since we put out the first, ultra-simple version of WindowSwap – it viral around the world, with tens of thousands of window submissions from over 120 countries, a passionate community of 400k-500k visitors every month and 50k followers on Instagram.

In the past few months we’ve been working closely with the WindowSwap community to build out some amazing features while still retaining the minimalist essence of the site intact.

???? And since the launch of Window V2, less than 3 months ago, we’ve already at 100k signups!

Here’s what’s new

– You can now create a profile on WindowSwap
– Bookmark your favourite windows
– A brand new ‘Submission’ page:
We have made it super easy for you to submit your videos. No more janky google forms. We’ve also given you the option to tag what’s in your video. You will also be alerted via email as your window progressed through the queue and approval process.
– Track the views on your window.
You can now see the number of people who have gazed out of your window.
You’ll see this on the ‘Your Windows’ page. (These stats are private to you – we still don’t want to turn this into a window competition.)
– Map the location of each window

WindowSwap has grown from being a Pandemic Passion Project to place people return to for travel inspiration and calm.

Thank you everyone. We hope you like and support this indie project 🙂

– Sonali Ranjit




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