CatchApp — Notifies when your close friends are ‘free to talk’

We’re excited to launch CatchApp today in both Android and IOS – built by a small team of 4 engineers/designers as a passion project.

Download here:

How does CatchApp work?
– Add your friends to CatchApp club (your own private network)
– Whenever you are free to catch up with friends, open CatchApp. Everyone else in the group will get an instant notification that you are “Free to talk”. Whoever is free at the same time will call and catch up!
– Similarly, you will get a notification when your friends open CatchApp. If you are free at the same time, call and catch up!

How is CatchApp different from Whatsapp and Messenger?
With Whatsapp / Messenger, you do not know when your friends are really free to talk. You have to ping them asking – “are you free to talk now?”. Most occasions its not a good time to talk when you/your friends are busy. CatchApp solves this problem completely. You will know when your friends are really free, so you can catch up more often without worrying you might disturb / interrupt them on wrong time.

We truly believe CatchApp can help friends stay connected more, particularly during this time of pandemic. For the first version, we are supporting calls through Facetime and Whatsapp. We’re looking to add more features and support if CatchApp solves your problems as much as it solves ours. Let us know if this could help your friends circle.

Try the app and give us your feedback. Ask us any questions!

– Dinesh Prasanth




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