FormDesigner — Online web form builder of any complexity

I invite everyone to take a look at our online form builder.

Why use FormDesigner:

* 90 ready-made templates on different subjects
* Flexible customization
* Drag&Drop interface
* Advanced design settings
* Over 30 different question types
* Multiple questions on one page
* Autosave data in the form
* Flexible customization of complex calculation formulas, for creating calculators and scoring
* Online recording feature with date and time locking in the calendar
* Ability to create reactive and personalized forms
* Logical rules and branching questions and pages
* Smart redirects
* Print templates with form results
* Protection against bots and spoofing
* Integration with Analytics Systems
* Online Payment Module
* SMS reminder module
* Numerous ready-to-use integrations with CRM systems, email and sms services, cloud storages and other online services
* Binding your domain
* Form CNC Setting
* Suitable for any website
* There is a plugin for WordPress and VK
* Adaptability. Forms work great on both PCs and mobile devices
* Different ways to place the form: by direct link, in the body of the page, as a popup window, etc.

– Ivan Shamshur




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