Weferral — Open source referral & affiliate management software

Hi Everyone,

I want to introduce you to what I have been working on for quite some time now. Weferral is an open-source referral management and affiliate tracking software that you can to setup and referral programs.

Some of the best features includes:

Recurring or lifetime commissions: Attract top influencers by linking a customer to an affiliate using our lifetime commissions feature.

One-time commissions: Award one-time commissions(e-commerce).

Monthly commissions: Award monthly commissions (subscription/SaaS).

Fixed or percentage-based commission Award Fixed or percentage-based commission.

Customize your affiliate portal: You can easily setup your own affiliate portal by adding your logo, text for your affiliate landing page.

Track Automatically: Our system tracks all of your visitors, leads and sales immediately.
Access the information in real-time from your own dashboard.

Affiliate Dashboard: Wefraal save you time by providing affiliates an always up-to-date view of the status of leads, referrals and commissions.

Email Automation: Set up emails that are automatically send to affiliates.

Invite Customers: Your customers can be the best affiliates. Send an invitation to your customer that asks them to join your affiliate program or import a csv list of customers & an invitation will be sent to them automatically.

Full REST API: Integrate Weferral with your existing website or application

Webhook: Automate your workflow with Weferral webhooks.

We’re really interested in hearing what you think about it.


– Ezeokeke Uche




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