Big Ideah — Evaluate your SaaS business ideas

How good is your startup business idea really? ????
I built a super simple tool to evaluate your big ideah

Just answer the questions and automatically generate a PDF with an evaluation.

I created this tool to assess all the SaaS ideas that (daily) pop up in my mind. I’m all ears on any feedback.

???? Why?
Ever wanted to know if you should pursue your SaaS idea? This evaluation will give you scores according to Problem, Product, Founder and Market

???? For who?
Ever had an idea? Then this is for you.

✅ How?
Just answer the questions about your idea and automatically generate a PDF with your evaluation.

???? How will the evaluation PDF look like?
You’ll receive a PDF with charts for each category (Problem, Product, Founder and Market).

Here’s an example of the first summary page and the founder evaluation page;

???? What kind of questions are included?
There are 20 questions divided into 4 categories; Problem, Product, Founder and Market

Here’s an example of some of the questions about the product;

???? I like this but ..
I’m all ears on any feedback!

– Norah Klintberg Sakal




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