Breaking Equity — Algo trading platform for retail investors

I trade everyday and believe the retail investors/traders deserve much better tools that are easy to use and can help you crack the nut of making profits in the market consistently.

Algorithms account for nearly 73 percent of all U.S. equity trading. But are YOUR trades part of that statistic? Chances are no. High entry barriers keep this technology restricted to financial power players, like hedge funds.

What barriers, you ask? Just some of those are:

1. Know programming languages like Python, JAVA, C++, etc.
2. Pay multiple sources for institutional data to test the validity of your algorithm.
3. Learn data science concepts to find correlations between the data sets.
4. Find platforms that support backtesting and paper trading techniques to assess your algo’s viability.
5. Connect the algo to your broker with an open API.

Each barrier culls the group of retail investors genuinely interested in implementing algo-trading in their portfolio. ALL of them need are eliminated with Breaking Equity.

– Michael




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