Howbout — Social calendar app to easily make plans & find availability

Hi Product Hunt! I’m really excited to share Howbout – an app that makes organising plans with friends easy.

My co-founders and I got so fed up with how difficult it was organising anything after university – no matter if it was a quick beer, dinner party or group trip, everything was suddenly so much harder to plan. It’s a hassle trying to find a date everyone’s free, agree what the plan is and keep on top of the details – and the pandemic has only made this worse because spontaneous socialising is now so much harder as everything needs to be planned and booked.

We saw a huge gap in the market for a product that could help users instantly find when their friends are free, easily organise plans and keep on top of everything they’ve got going on. Facebook events are outdated, not built for everyday plans and a lot of 20-30 year olds aren’t using them anymore. Doodle has awful UX and is limited to only part of the planning problem. WhatsApp is how most plans are made, but the lack of structure, purpose-built planning features and calendar integration makes it a poor planning tool.

We had the idea back in 2015 but to be honest were too scared to go for it – we’d just graduated and were focused on new careers. In 2019 my Mum passed away from cancer and it completely changed my mentality. We each left our jobs and launched Howbout in August 2020!

The app is totally free (no ads, no subscriptions) and is available worldwide on iOS and Android.

Really excited to hear your feedback.

Happy planning!


– Neil Tanna




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