Link Preview Generator — Messenger style website preview for your favourite notes app

Hi, I am Stephan ???? thanks for checking out my first project on ProductHunt ????!

––– The problem –––
Ever since I discovered the “Zettelkasten” note taking method ¹, I am in love with note taking – I store everything I stumble upon in The Archive ².

However especially for games, movies, videos I really miss the website previews we get in Telegram/Whatsapp/Notion/etc.
Those are just much easier to skim through than plain text (e.g. in my read/watch later list).

––– The solution –––
I created this simple site where you paste a link and it creates a website preview (based on OpenGraph ³ tags).
It’s a good ol’ downloadable PNG so you can store and use it however you like.

I hope you find the tool handy!
Feedback is much appreciated ????

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– Stephan Bogner




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