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Hello Product Hunters,

We started because there is no simple way for us to share our personal data and get compensated for it! We got tired of cookies following us and wanted to create a better way where we get to decide what information companies know about us and get rewarded for sharing. is the first-of-its-kind mobile app where you exchange your personal information for the best offers and discounts in town.

The benefits for users include:
– Discover new products and/or brands
– Share personal information with the brands or companies you like
– Get offers as compensation
– Ability to ask companies or brands to delete your data with one click

So far we have great signals both from users and companies. Users are excited to have a say in what are the limits of their privacy. Companies celebrate the fact they can get quality consumer data, improve their marketing and do all that in full respect of consumer privacy.

This is our beta-launch ???? and we would love to co-create the product with you. Please share your thoughts and feedback.

As a user:
– Are you excited to share your data for discounts? If yes, why? If not, why?
– What does this app make you think of, why?
– Would you recommend this app?
– Which aspects would you like us to improve?
– Any other feedback you might have?

As a brand or company:
– What would it take for you to try such services?
– What would put you off?
– Which aspects should we improve?
– Any other feedback you might have?

???? Let us know what you think ????

Please leave a comment below and join us on Geneva ( or reach out to me directly at Denny(at) or Sanna(at)

– Denny Wong




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