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Hey ProductHunt! We are extremely excited to present you the result of our hard work.

Readian News is a news feed/recommendation service that focuses on source flexibility and user choice.
– When you use Apple News, Flipboard, or Google News, you will quickly realize that they only show articles from big publications, it might be impossible to find news about an interesting topic.

– There are different outlets with a different take on particular topics. Maybe Loudwire wrote a poor review for the latest Architects album, but some underground websites did an amazing job. You probably only gonna find what Loudwire said. It’s always good to know alternative opinions. So at the moment, you have to trust these apps, no other choice.

– I have tried many services. The closest thing to what I needed was Feedly – RSS reader. But RSS is very inconvenient and clutter you with unneeded info you have to filter out every day, so it basically becomes another choir.

– Among everything I tried each had one or two good things about them, but none had enough to make me stay. So recorded everything that I would like to have in perfect service, that later would become Readian News.

– Let us know what you like and we will recommend you news and articles about it. Mute tags or blogs that you don’t like. Build your perfect news feed.- Getting started is as easy as downloading our Android app or going to You do not even have to give us your email if you do not want to (if you use an Android application). Of course, registering will let you also use our web version and you will never lose your subscriptions/history, but you absolutely don’t have to.

– Start reading by downloading our Android app on Google Play Store or visit our website for more information. We do everything in our spare time after our day jobs. We have been working on this project for over two years.

We also prepared a little demo for you:


PLEASE NOTE: WE DO NOT HAVE OUR OWN CONTENT. All the articles you see are from third-party websites. ALL THE ADS THAT YOU SEE once you open articles are not ours, they are ads of those websites. We open third-party websites within our app for your convenience.

I can’t wait to engage with you in the comments! Thanks a lot to everyone of you!

– Ruslan Leite




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