Breathable — An air quality index widget for iOS, iPadOS and macOS.

Hi, Product Hunt! Last year on the west coast of the US, we dealt with several weeks of very intense wildfire smoke conditions. During that time, holed up in my house with air purifiers running 24/7, I found myself checking AQI websites constantly, trying to get the latest on the state of the air around us. Shortly after the smoke cleared, I started working on Breathable. After a year of using it on all of my devices, I’m finally realizing it on the App Store.

I wish Breathable didn’t need to exist. Climate change is real and devastating, and we don’t have much time left to stop it from becoming irreversible.

A portion of proceeds from the sale of this app will be donated to one of several climate change foundations, including:

• Clean Air Task Force (
• Climate Change Emergency Fund (
• Union of Concerned Scientists (

Customize how your widgets look by changing fonts, showing or hiding various bits of information, or by using Breathable’s Emoji Scale to soften the reality of the smoky air around you. You can customize Emoji Scale using one of our provided sets or choose your own emoji for each scale value.

Hope you find it useful.

– Garrett Murray




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