Cove Identity — Ultra-secure privacy suite to manage your digital identity

Hey Product Hunters ????

D-Day is finally here, and we are super excited and proud to share Cove Identity with all of you! We have been working hard to build something useful, and we hope you like our product. So here’s a little more about us.

TL;DR Cove Identity is the most holistic privacy-centric document holder app, complete with military-grade end-to-encryption. ????

The Problem

The idea of Cove Identity originated a few years ago when we realised the need for an all-encompassing privacy suite, something that will be central in the fast-approaching digital-first world.

As we continued to build and test our features, the pandemic struck and brought with it several challenges, one of which was cybersecurity.

With whole businesses (and governments) shifting online, people’s digital presence increased exponentially, bringing even the non-tech-savvy ones under the umbrella.

But what increased even faster was data breaches and cybersecurity threats. We sensed the need, sped up the process and are now ready with an app that will guard you online ????

The Solution

Cove Identity is an ultra-secure digital vault whose ecosystem is powered by 5 key features.

???? Cove Storage : Scan, store and share documents with ease, powered by 256-bit encryption to give you complete control.

???? Cove Wallet : Organise all your physical cards in one place (from national IDs to degree certificates) with colour-coded pockets and AI-based smart OCR tagging.

???? Cove Authenticator : Cove doubles up as an authenticator app and adds an extra layer of protection to your online login processes with two-factor authentication (2FA) through time and counter-based OTPs.

???? Cove Drop : Bridge the gap between your phone and computer and transfer photos, documents and 2FA OTPs with ease. It’s like an encrypted USB flash drive, only better.

???? Cove Chat : An end-to-end encrypted messenger that allows you to chat without insecurity. No phone numbers needed, no unnecessary screenshots, and no eavesdropping.

…with more features in the pipeline.

What Makes Us Different

Cove Identity is in line with our collective belief that privacy is a right, not a luxury. As a true zero-knowledge system, we ourselves do not store any of our users’ information. We can never spam you with calls or messages. Practice what you preach, right? ????

Our military-grade security allows you to have complete control over your digital identity so that you have one less thing to worry about. In addition, our features make us the most holistic privacy-centric document holder app.

❤️ We will be around all day to hear your feedback and answer any questions that you may have. Thank you for stopping by and supporting us!

– Porush Puri




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