Forest Admin for Partners — Share your internal tool with your external partners

Hey everyone,

I’m Sandro, CEO and Founder of Forest Admin. We’re really excited to be back here with another one of our products — today, we’re bringing you Forest Admin for Partners, our new solution aimed at helping businesses work together with their external partners more effectively.

We’ve been having a great run with Forest Admin since we started in 2017, and are thrilled to be expanding our offering once again, and being able to help more businesses be as successful as possible through having one, easy to use internal tool to rely on.

Through Forest Admin for Partners, you are now able to share subsets of your internal tool with your customers, suppliers, franchisees, or any other external partners. Equipped with all the features an internal tool needs, and additional collaboration and security tools such as advanced role and permission systems and 2FA, auto-logout, and IP whitelisting, we are confident that we can help many of you leverage your data in collaboration with your business partners even better than before, and reach all your goals.

If you have any questions, feedback, or comments, let us know — we’d love to have a chat with you about the program and its features.

– Sandro Munda




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