Mumu X — The most handy emoji picker on macOS, now with GPT-3!

Hi Hunters!

It’s been a year ago since I launched Mumu, the emoji picker for macOS. Since then I saw hundreds of people were using Mumu in their daily workflow. I also got a bunch of feedback, feature requests, etc.

A realization that Apple doesn’t give a f*ck for their emoji picker – even made it worse by crashing randomly here and there, so that it doesn’t work when we need it – had brought me here.

Today I’m excited – and nervous too ???? – to launch the next major version of Mumu, and I call it Mumu X! ????

It’s packed with things that give more power to your daily workflow.

???? 5k+ GPT-3 powered synonyms
???? Personal synonyms
???? Emoji bookmark
???? Latest emoji support – currently 13.1
????️ Emoji groups
???? Skin tone changer
????️ Personal accent color
???? Light & dark mode
➡️ And many more…

And yes, I launched it with a special lifetime deal for you. Some caveats though.

???? It only applies today, the launch date
???? And it’s limited to the first 200 customers

Get it real quick before it’s gone!

– Wilbert Liu




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