Waterbomber Wildfire Tracker — App to spot all fire fighting related aircrafts

Hey everybody!

It’s good to be back with a ProductHunt launch, it has been a while. Last year I’ve launched an application in The Netherlands which tracks all helicopters involved in HEMS operations (air ambulances). This app has gotten great responses in the field, and is used by the professionals flying on the helicopters everyday to make their operations more efficient and save lives. Although completely in Dutch, some people reached out to me to ask if it would be possible to transform this application into tracking aircrafts that are involved in firefighting operations around the world. Thus the Waterbomber app was born!

Waterbomber currently focuses on the California/Nevada wildfires, but will expand to Australia by the end of year and later on the rest of the world. All radar data is provided by the great folks over at ADSBexchange, which means the app has high quality unfiltered data!

Aside of tracking the aircrafts, you can also set personal zones which help you get alerts whenever an aircraft enters your zone.

The app is for free to use with all basic features. Some extra customisations come at a little extra, which you can try 7 days for free.

Let me know what you all think! Feedback is always welcome!



– Ernst




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