Windframe — No code TailwindCSS page builder

????Hello Everyone,

Hope you are having a great week. I have been working on Windframe for the past couple of months and I am so excited to be finally launching it.

I started working on this after I started using TailwindCSS and loved it. I wanted to create something that allows both developers and non developers to use TailwindCSS to build different ideas they might want to create.

Windframe is a No Code drag and drop page builder for building TailwindCSS websites. It comes with different templates you can customize and edit in almost any way you want. You can basically edit anything in the code blocks to suit your own needs.

Windframe also gives you the ability to preview your designs and then easily export your code for use anywhere. So this comes in handy for both developers and non developers who want to use TailwindCSS to build their projects.

So the steps will be:

– Drag and drop any block
– Edit almost anything on the block
– Preview your designs and
– Export your code when done.

Here is a link to read more about it

You can try out Windframe right away using this link

There is a lot of new planned features that I will be adding in the next coming days to help make the building process even better and help save countless hours of coding and development.

I really hope this will be a great tool and go a long way to help save countless of development hours and help non developers use TailwindCSS for their projects

Thank you very much for reading and I highly appreciate any feedback you have to help improve this more.????????

– Sampson Ovuoba




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