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Hi hunters ????

Recently we have decided to build a simple tool that shows you how much money you would have earned if you’d started investing a year ago.

You just need to type an amount (e.g: $200) then you will see how much money you would have made on crypto, metals, or popular stock like Apple, Twitter, Tesla, etc.

I had been watching the tech industry for a long time, therefore I’ve added to the list a lot of tech stocks that had been growing recently and are expected to grow in the near future.

First of all, the website was designed to show that investing can be profitable. However, we caused some negative reactions in traders’ communities. Some guy on Reddit called it “The calculator of regret”. People said something like “I already wanna kill myself I don’t need more encouragement” or “That’s pretty masochistic”.

Despite this, we believe there are people that will find the product useful. We still want to improve the product, add new features and maybe help someone to discover the world of investing.

Any advice or feedback would be really useful ????

– Niki Kravchuk




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