Browser Kit for Figma — One smart component to rule them all

At Karma, we’ve been really enjoying working with Figma recently. One of the ideas became this little product.

Have you ever needed to insert an image into a browser screenshot on Figma? It can be inconvenient and unpleasant, fiddling with the borders and buttons, cropping, scaling and all. We got tired too.

Simply, insert this Browser Kit component into your designs and paste your screenshot into it.

– You can resize the devil out of the component.
– You can switch between OSes (Windows, Mac)
– Browsers (Safari, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Edge, generic browser.
– Themes (Dark, Light, ‘Artsy’)
– Add in-browsers UI bits such as notifications and modals
– Switch between media (Desktop and mobile).

It’s the only smart component you’d need to manage your screenshots in Figma product designs. Get design feedback faster with Browser Kit. Browser Kit solves the problem of getting screenshots onto Figma designs.

Free Browser Kit for Figma version comes with Chrome Win/Mac, Dark/Light only and is pretty usable as is. However, the full version would only cost you ~$5, buy me a coffee!


– Stas Kulesh




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