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Hey all, PH parent & maker here. My 11 year old, high IQ but easily distracted son, was having a tough time focussing and generally keeping up with the world around him. I always felt writing helped bring a lot of focus and so we decided to start writing something together.

That something became Business News for Kids. We co-write and edit it and it’s got some amazing sections. ????

*Busy Business this Week* covers top 5 startup, tech, biz news from the week. ????
*Wait, What is..* is like a dictionary that makes kids comfortable with terms and words they might not get ???? e.g. Boostrapped, Raised, Exited, Series A, IPO, Board, Go-to-market.
*Woah, Weird* ???? is a fun section that covers weird and awesomely awesome news.
*Inspiring Business Person” ???? covers a person doing some inspiring work.
*Stocks, stonks, and..* ⚡️ provides updates on recent IPOs, listings, big stock moves or fund raising news.
*Mental Models* yup, inspite of all the protests from my son we included it ????‍♂️. It superbly simplifies some amazing, sometimes complex, mental models to make them easy for practical application. Inspirations come from Farnam street, and more.
*Tech, Products, Toys* ???? the last section covers the coolest gadgets, products & toys released in the week.

If you’re a parent that believes in self learning, or just curious about startups, tech; and love some fun writing, please do sign up at – will mean the world to us. ????‍♂️

P.S: Read this to learn more about challenges faced by gifted kids with learning disabilities and

– Anurag Singh




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