Scoby Social — A safe place to co-create

Hello! I created Scoby Social to discover, host and join shared experiences.


Because the last eighteen months on social media has been totally bonkers and I’m not interested in watching the big tech machine learning algorithms accelerate our descent into planetary ecosystem collapse by propagating those posts, tweets and streams that are most inflammatory, divisive and rage-inducing.

Scoby Social is what I thought the Internet would be thirty years ago when I started my first tech company.

I thought I would meet fascinating people online and create amazing new cultures that radically shifted my experience of life, love and work.

Instead, it’s become a big hamster wheel.

On this hamster wheel, people who offer very little of value are boosted relentlessly, amassing a vast audience of followers.

Those with tremendous value are rarely seen and heard.

It costs a lot of money to bring together even a modest community. You have to compete to get your message inserted into content streams, constantly change your strategies, clone audiences, build funnels and find new ways to extract more and more value to meet the ever-rising cost of customer acquisition.

It’s almost impossible to efficiently and effectively reach the people who can most benefit from what you have to offer.

So I just figured — let’s skip all that.

Our serendipity engine is like the ultimate party host.

Say you’re talking about “plate,” or “plate of shrimp” with your friends.

Oprah, our serendipity engine, might introduce you to people talking about cosmic unconsciousness.

Machine learning today can do a lot more than promote body dysmorphia, reinforce filter bubbles and propagate dangerous conspiracy theories that threaten to whiplash our society between autocracy and chaos.

It can gauge sentiment for example.

It can understand how you really feel and connect you with those who can be the most supportive of you in your current state.

Right now our ecosystem on Scoby Social is very primitive. This is what’s known as the cold start.

I have a lot of ideas on how this can evolve and where it can go, but right now I’d rather hear from you.

Post some comments here.

And check out my personal link on Scoby Social:

If you’re on a mobile browser and you’ve installed our app, this link will take you directly to my profile.

From there, you can follow me, join my sessions, drop some wisdom and play a vital role in our emerging ecosystem.

Let’s co-create a new world together.

In love,


– David Levine




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