Find Your First Frontend Job — Find your dream job, even if you’ve been rejected many times

I’m responsible for hiring junior front-end developers for my company. Analyzing hundreds of applications over the years and conducting dozens of interviews I discovered that most candidates repeated these same errors over and over again.

So I decided to write this book to help future generations of junior developers to land their first jobs.

In this book you’ll learn:

???? What skills do you need to land a frontend job

???? How to create a developer CV and portfolio that stands out

???? How to use your social media presence to find a job without even looking

???? The secret of success in online and phone interviews

???? How to nail the most demanding task – the on-site interview

???? Strategies that increase your chances to land a job after the interview

???? The secret trick to getting you ahead of all of your competition

???? Resources to help you get prepared for the recruitment process even better

The book is based on my experience as a candidate and a recruiter and the experiences of other front-end recruiters. It distills our experiences in simple and actionable form.

– Szymon Adamiak




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