HyperAction 2.0 — To-do list app inspired by the Covey Time Management Matrix.

Hi everyone!

We’re a team of 3 productivity nerds. We’ve tried just about every to-do list app, but the apps we’ve tried feel overwhelming or like we’re mindlessly checking off tasks.

After reading Stephen Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” we were inspired to create a to-do list app that makes you more thoughtful about the important and urgency of your work.

For our MVP, we’ve built a calendar-based to-do list app that sorts your action items based on priority.

ANY feedback from the community would be much appreciated! Or if you just want to tell us how your day is going, that’s cool too!

You can reach out to us at sim.enoch@gmail.com

– Eno, Husam, & Matheus

– Eno Sim




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