Nomad Visa — A guide for digital nomads through the visa jungle ????

Hi Product Hunters, Travelers and Digital Nomads! I’m Sven ????

This is my first SaaS project i created on my journey of learning to build digital products. Actually, I am a data scientist. Nevertheless, I am fascinated by digital products and startups. It’s been quite a learning experience over the past 5 months building Nomad Visa in my free-time.

Why did i build Nomad Visa?
????‍???????? More and more countries recognise the global trend of remote work and issue special visas for digital nomads to stay in their country for an extended period of time. There you are supposed to focus on your work in your favourite co-working space rather than thinking about your next visa run.

???? Nomad Visa helps you compare all kinds of visas that might be suitable for your remote work journey, not only the new digital nomad visas, as other visa types might be even better suited for your needs. You can compare fees, requirements, durations and more. In addition, you can browse through a variety of country information (peacefulness, yearly weather, sunshine hours, internet speeds, etc).

⏱️ A small extra is the Work Hours Overlap Tool. You can pick a city you want to visit and see how many work-hours are overlapping with your remote team or local team from your hometown.

I hope the website is of use for some people. It feels crazy to finally show the page (my first project ever) to so many people, so i am exited but also scared about the feedback.


– Sven




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