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Hello Product Hunt!

I’m, Zuzana, one of the reasons why my partner Fadi started chipin.

???? At some point in our lives, we’ve all been there. Buying a gift for someone but having no idea what to get for them either because we don’t know them well enough or simply do know them but have run out of gift ideas.

???? Sure, we try to guess, buy gift cards, and join groups to let someone else take care of it. But all the above still doesn’t guarantee the recipient will like our selection. And getting it wrong doesn’t just cause awkwardness and impacts our social life but also has bad consequences for our environment, with 13% of Aussies still throwing unwanted gifts in the bin, ending up in landfill.

???? Introducing chipin. We’re delivering a convenient solution to simplify and accelerate the group gifting process, to help Aussies get better at gifting, and as a result to reduce the environmental impact of the multi-billion-dollar gifting industry.

???? At chipin, the users can select any dream gift of their choice, regardless if it’s a physical product, experience or even a gift card. No matter if they want a new smartphone, cooking class, hot air balloon ride, or simply funds for their shopping spree. As long as it has a link, chipin will convert it into an item on their personal chiplist.

???? chipin takes the guesswork out of the process of finding the perfect gift for a loved one and makes getting even the high-value gifts possible by harnessing the power of group gifting. We don’t restrict contributors by setting a minimum amount for contribution. Contributors can chip in any amount they can afford. Every little bit helps to make a big difference.

???? We are here for any gift-worthy events. From birthdays, baby showers, weddings, religious holidays, all the way to corporate gifting, farewells and even fundraisers.

We are so excited to share chipin with all of you and getting your feedback!

– Zuzana Gacikova




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