MealMap — Reorder Grocery List by Optimal Store Layout

Grocery shopping is something I’ve always been bad at. I take way more time than I feel I should and the main reason is because I tend to hop back and forth between aisles. I either don’t know where something is or I forgot to grab an item as I’m shopping down an aisle.

MealMap is an iOS app I developed intended to solve that problem.

I plan my grocery list by meals. I’m making chicken cutlets with asparagus, therefore I need chicken breasts, bread crumbs, eggs, flour, asparagus, etc. However when I get to the grocery store, the chicken is not before the eggs, the asparagus comes first, hence a problem for someone bad at grocery shopping like myself.

MealMap allows users to create grocery lists by store and reorder the list based on the optimal layout of the store.

MealMap is community driven. All stores that exist are provided by users. All store aisles are provided by users. If a store or store/aisle details do not exist, users can create them. While shopping, if an item is unknown to a store, the user is prompted to select what aisle they found the item in. From there, any user creating a list for that store now has those item/aisle details.

– Patrick Tammaro




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