Protocode — Remote environments for all of your developers, task by task

Hi everyone!

We are excited to introduce you our tech, Protocode!

Remote environments are the future of development, and we have been working on our platform for almost two years to create something useful, secured and affordable to anyone.

Unlike other solutions, our approach is to think task first. Create a project, configure it, create tasks, assign them to developers, and let them start an environment when they start working on a task. Then check online for each task the code produced and preview the rendering. When the job is done, close the task, changes are pushed to the repositories, and environment is destroyed.

For our first release, you will find all features bellow:

– Support repositories from Gitlab, Github or Bitbucket.
– Environment may contain one, or multiple repositories, from different origins.
– 3 alternative virtualization strategies per repository: use a docker-compose file within the repository, write a custom one or use our preconfigured images.
– Environment variables override.
– Execute setup scripts in environment through a lifecycle hook system.
– Online coding from our web interface, offering a code editor and terminals, or with VS Code with an ssh connection as root.
– Rendering preview on sharable private urls.
– Environments hosted in our cloud, or in yours.

Our Bêta program is now open. It’s an opportunity for you to test our solution for free, to give us feedbacks and share with us features you would like to be developed in short term. You can apply to it on our website:

We hope you will enjoy it! If you have any question, just ask, we are here for that.

Thank you all!

Kévin Marcachi
CEO, Protocode

– Kévin Marcachi




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