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Please note that Snip is still in early stages. We have many plans for it and hope you will give it a try in the meantime.

On the surface, Snip is just another Note Taking App. You can create rich text notes, organise them in folders, perform full-text search. But the idea behind it is much bolder. Let me point out a few key features:

Offline First, Privacy First:

Documents (or, as we call them, snippets) are stored offline. You can choose a folder on your local disk to store your snippets. That way, you can choose how to back up your data – be it an external hard drive, a NAS, a cloud provider of your choice, etc.

For snippets which you would like to access on other devices, we will soon provide a synchronization service called Snip Cloud. Along with it we’ll provide a mobile app so you can access your data on the go.

Folders are not just folders:

We implemented a special system which combines the concepts of folders and tags into one: E.g. using a tag with a slash (a / nested / tag) will be displayed accordingly as a folder hierarchy. With this system it becomes possible to organise your snippets both hierarchically and across multiple contexts.


We provide a custom reminder language which allows to set up Reminders. For now, Reminders will be triggered locally when the Application is running, but we will provide Reminders via Push Events in the future through the Snip Cloud.


Dashboards are an alternative way to visualise Snippets. You can create custom layouts to best fit your needs.

Quick Access:

Right now, Snip is tailor-made for developers, although we want it to become a tool used in other areas. A really useful feature we provide is called “Quick Access”: with it, you can quickly access code snippets and links you have saved. You search for them, then hit enter to copy the contents to your clipboard.

– Samuel Müller




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