Clover — A creative workspace with notes, whiteboards, tasks, & more

Hey Product Hunt!

Last year we posted a teaser about some of the things we were working on. Since then, thousands of you have joined our private beta and have been helping us shape the product. Today we’re excited to open Clover Beta to everyone!

Clover is a workspace that combines traditional productivity tools with creative thinking tools. It includes notes, whiteboarding, todos, and a daily planner. We built it because we found ourselves brainstorming in one tool, recording notes in another, and planning in yet another. Eventually our ideas were fragmented across so many tools that we didn’t know where they were. We wanted something simpler, faster, and more flexible.

At the core of Clover is a new type of document called a Surface. It combines the power of a modern text editor with the flexibility of a whiteboard (think Dropbox Paper meets Figjam). Its spatial workflow enables better brainstorming, enhanced memory, and intuitive organization. It’s also pretty fun!

Here are some other notable features:

Robust Text Capabilities – Markdown formatting, code blocks with syntax highlighting, inline task features, slash inserter, dynamic references, and much more.

Daily Notes – A doc per day to take notes, log journal entries, and plan work with due dates and automatic task rollover.

Backlinking – Network your ideas together. Link to other pages or deep link to specific blocks and Clover will automatically add backlinks to connect the pages.

Inline Tasks – Add todos within your notes for simple and intuitive task management. Add due dates and tasks will show up on your Daily Notes. Use color-coding to call out priorities.

Presentations – Draw frames around important parts of your Surface. Hit play and present your frames as a slideshow.

Embeds – Interactive embeds – YouTube, Figma, SoundCloud, and more.

Sketching – Add wireframes, notations, and sketches right on top of your notes. There’s also Apple Pencil support.

Real-time collaboration – Share pages with guests and collaborate with them on the same Surface in real-time.

Templates – Get started quickly with some useful templates based on popular productivity and creativity methodologies (eg, Eisenhower Box, Crazy Eights).

Quick Note – Record a note or task from anywhere. You can even tell it what day you’d like the note added to using plain language.

Customization – Build your own theme with intuitive controls for light / dark mode, chroma adjustments, sidebar shade / tint, and highlight colors.

Full-text search – Search the text within all your pages to quickly jump directly to a specific block.

We’re hard at work on rounding out the tool. Here are a few things we’re currently working on:
– Tags
– Tables
– Import / Export
– Android and Firefox support
– A few surprises!

We hope you’ll give it a try and we’d love to hear what you think!

– Tom Giannattasio




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