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Near the end of 2020, my girlfriend and I adopted a pair of dogs from the Toledo Humane Society (Cookie & Oreo). Cooke and Oreo had to be adopted as a pair, and showed signs of littermate syndrome. This made it a bit more difficult to train them. The two border collie lab mixes had some trouble in the beginning with getting acclimated to their new home, following basic commands, and the frequent “accident” in the house.

House breaking was the first trick they had to learn. While establishing “Outside is where I poop”, Matt and Felicia were frustrated with not knowing what they had to do while outside. With busy schedules, middle of winter, and two dogs, training them proved to be a challenge. There seemed to be no good solution of knowing if they had already gone in the morning or if they needed to wait on them. That’s when Doggy Door was created.

Doggy Door was designed to track the pet’s activity, and share that activity with whoever is caring for the pet. Now Doggy Door has grown to also track stuff like obedience and other training milestones. Doggy Door is a free app, with the goal to build a platform for pet owners to track their pets activities and to find helpful advice to help raise more obedient pets.

It has been very exciting to see how the apps users has embraced the platform and have even helped give feedback on how to improve it. I am currently working on a desktop version, and working with local vets/pet stores/etc on potential advertising opportunities.

The app is in its 2nd version, and has had positive feedback. We are constantly looking for ways to improve, but we feel we’ve found the right formula for success for our users.

– Matt Sanchez




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