Amplemarket 2.0 — All-in-one platform to help you sell in today’s environment

I’ve been using sales engagement for a long time now, at over 10 high growth b2b startups.

To reach max performance, up to now I was jerry-rigging multiple separate tools to:
– find the right accounts & contacts
– Send really personalized emails (yay liquid support )
– Support SDR workflows (phone support)
– Analytics & insights
– Warm-up mailboxes
– Handle Linkedin automation

The above is possible, but beyond what most orgs can or are willing to do. Too expensive, too complicated to set up, to costly to maintain.

And that’s where AmpleMarket really shines: they have productized all the components into one integrated platform. And it works marvelously! My friends at @deel can attest:)

=> Get the leads without the duct tape ????

– guillaume cabane




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