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Hey all you cool cats and kittens! ????

We’ve reimagined how you do your finances. Over the past year we took a look at how we manage our lives – like email, tasks, calendars – and asked why don’t we have tools like that for our money? We just finished a successful 1k person pilot to understand our impact on building healthier money habits.

???? Power your financial productivity: We fell in love with ‘inbox zero’ for our email so much that we brought the concept over to get organized with our money.

☀️Tackle your finances one day/week/month at a time: We weave together smart personalization and automation with an inbox that lets you put your focus back on what matters most: living the dream. Review every purchase and track your cash flow.

???? Crush your finances together (or alone): Our finance engine empowers your partner to join your household to get 360° shared visibility.

???? Brilliant auto categorizing: Too much automation is hard to trust, so everything we automate is backed by a personalization engine that adapts to your habits, not other people’s.

???? Your privacy & trust is in our DNA: We use bank-level security to protect your data and we don’t store your bank logins. We encrypt our databases to ensure that your data stays your own.

???? We’re free during our beta: We’ll have a paid option for future/premium features once we’ve built more and are out of beta.

So today is the day! We’re excited to share our public beta to everyone here at PH. We’re all ears, don’t forget to leave questions or feedback for us!

Mike, Evan, & Marty

– Mike Dick




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