Glomad — Best ways to get a visa around the globe

???? Hi Hunters and… Nomads 🙂

Sergey here, I’m maker of Glomad

Since 2015, I have been working remotely ????‍???? and nomading ???? with family. We change countries every 6 months and have found that changing to another place is often a headache ????. And all because of the need to gather information on visa opportunities, embassies, what documents are needed. Information changes every time you need to spend hours on forums to look for relevant information.

So we making a place on the Internet where such information is automatically collected and comfortably packed. Now we are automating Thailand and we will expand further. ????

Here’s what’s ready to go:
1. ???? Visa types available for my national passport.
2. ???? List of embassies for getting a visa.
3. ???? Documents that are needed.
4. ???? And up-to-date information on Covid restrictions.

❤ Thanks

– Sergey Matveev




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